School Hours and Attendance

8.45am Start Classes
11.00am Recess
11.20am Resume Classes
12.50pm Lunch Eating Time
1.00pm Lunch Play
1.25pm Resume Classes
3.00pm Home Time
(2.30pm every Monday)

The classrooms open at 8.30am. Children who arrive before 8.30am stay in the undercover area where they are safe and supervised from 8.15am. Students are not permitted in play areas prior to school starting or after school finishing. Students who arrive after 8.45am need to go to the office for a late pass. Early Close 2:30 on Mondays for staff meeting. 

Attendance at school

Regular attendance at school is fundamental to your child’s learning. Consistent attendance and participation are essential for your child’s social and academic learning.

As parents or legal guardians of an enrolled child, you are responsible under the State Education Act 1999 to ensure the attendance of your child at school every day.

It is important to assist your child’s achievement and learning by making regular attendance a priority in your child’s life. Under Department of Education regulations, the only acceptable reasons for absence from school are illness, or medical/dental appointments that cannot be arranged outside school hours.

The Principal does not have the authority to approve absences for family holidays, shopping excursions, caring for other family members, birthdays or absences other that illness, religious or cultural observances.

Please ring the school on 95311 399 to notify the reason for your child’s absence or reply via the Message You text system. Your child’s attendance is rewarded through the advance standing program. 

Absent from school

Parents are asked to notify the School Office promptly if their child will be absent, of any changes to their contact details or any other relevant family details. Emergency contact details and health issues are essential