Uniforms / Dress Code

Carcoola Uniform Order 2022

UNIFORM SHOP: Our new Uniform shop is now operational.  It will be open on Monday 24th January, 8:30 – 11:00am.

Throughout the term, it will be open fortnightly on Tuesday afternoons from 1:30 – 3:30 pm.

DRESS CODE:  Dress Code brochure for parents 2021

All children are expected to wear the school uniform at all times, according to the agreed policy as developed by the School Council and the Parents and Citizens’ Association. A school uniform hat must be worn by all students when outside at all times. This applies to all school terms. A no hat – no play policy applies. Students without hats are restricted to the undercover assembly area and library during breaks. Uniforms are sold through the school office.

The School Dress Code is as follows:

Shoes: Closed in, low heels.  Neat and tidy with socks.  Sandals are acceptable but not thongs, reef sandals, masseurs or boots. Suitable shoes should be worn for participation in sport.

Hats: School uniform broad brimmed hats OR School bucket hat only. No hat, no play in the sun.

Makeup: No makeup.

Jewellery: Sleepers or studs.  No fashion jewellery.

Hair: All children’s hair should be combed or brushed and off their face. Hair longer than collar length should be clipped or tied back. Hair should not be cut shorter than a number two hairdressing comb. Exaggerated hair styles, colouring, or use of gels, mousse or waxes to create effects such as spikes are not acceptable at school.

Sport: On Fridays students are required to wear their Faction sports shirt.

NOT TO BE WORN: Denim, Singlets, Tank Tops, Board shorts, Thongs, Graphics on Clothing, Jewellery.