The friendly staff at Carcoola Primary School are a dedicated, hard working team who enjoy working with all parents to provide the best possible educational environment for students. Please get to know your child’s teacher so that by working in partnership you ensure he or she is well supported at school. Every staff member is committed to doing the best for each student, however if you have any concerns please contact your child’s teacher.


Principal:   Ms Beverley Garnett
Deputy Principal:   Ms Peta Kapor
Manager Corporate Services:   Mrs Diane Snowden
School Officer/Library:   Mrs Amanda Middleton
Learning Support Coordinator:   Ms Peta Kapor

Teaching Staff

Kindy: Pre-Primary: Mrs Debbie Beswick, Mrs Trish Milward
YEAR 1/2: Mrs Nina Guerrierro
YEAR 2/3:  Mrs Susan Flashoff
YEAR 4/5: Mrs Anna Butler
YEAR 5/6: Miss Sharon Hunt
Languages:  Ms Peta Kapor
Science: Mrs Fiona Patterson
Visual Arts: Mrs Trish Milward

Education Assistants

Mrs Mandy Dubberlin
Mrs Linda Watson
Mrs Chantelle Thompson
Mrs Raquel Willey
Ms Petra Darlington
Mrs Stephanie McGlenchy

School Support Staff

School Psychologist:   Ms Verity Gray
School Chaplain:   Mrs Karen Burke
Gardner/Handyman:   Mr Peter Wopereis
Head Cleaner:   Mrs Sue Smit
Cleaners:   Linda Hortin, Teresa Hawker