Welcome to Carcoola Primary School

Carcoola Primary School promotes a safe, caring and happy environment where students recognise and strive to achieve their potential and, by developing the whole person, students develop the skills and attitudes to become lifelong learners.

The realisation of students’ potential at Carcoola Primary School is achieved through a strong sense of community within the school where the culture is based upon partnership in education and ensuring all stakeholders feel valued.

At Carcoola every student matters, every day and teachers believe that all students can be high achievers.

Carcoola stimulates students to reach their potential, with a strong foundation in Literacy and Numeracy through a mixture of explicit teaching and student centred learning. With high teacher expectations, the staff aims to develop high achieving students.

Children are nurtured at every stage, so that they can develop confidence and self-esteem and learn how to express their feelings and respect others.

The Carcoola Primary School Community lives its motto: “Let Us Grow”