Legothon – Term 3

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On Thursday 21st September the P&C in conjunction with the Murray Shire and Murray Library held our first Legothon here in Carcoola. I am sure this wont be the last so keep an eye out next term. Thank you to Ali, Renee and the P&C, as well as to Trick from the Shire and Anekke from the Library.

Attendance Matters …. and so do you!

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Today we launch our Attendance campaign with an exciting opportunity for all students.  Students who maintain regular attendance over the next two weeks will receive an icy pole on the Friday of Week 10, the last day of the term. This campaign will continue into next term with regular fortnightly rewards for students with regular attendance. Regular attendance can by maintained by coming to school every day – but having one day off per fortnight, or coming late on one day, students can still earn their reward. #coolandcommitted


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As a part of the Alcoa Scitech Real World Digital Technologies Project, students and families from Rooms 10 and 12 attended an after school event last thursday called Catch-a-Hacker. Attendees used their amazing problem solving skills to solve a mystery and catch the Dataville Hacker.  We had a lot of fun and we all did solve the mystery.  Thanks to the families who came along – we hope you had a great time.

Attendance Matters …. every school day counts!

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While we dont want your children coming to school when they are sick, we are encouraging parents and families to understand the importance of coming to school every day.  Evidence and research has shown that even just missing just one day a week, your child could miss over 2 years of schooling.

Attached is an information leaflet to answer some of your questions about attendance and provide tips and ideas on getting your chgild to school every day.  Remember you must left the school know why your child is away. send a text message to 0437 709 534.

Attendance Information for Parents