P & C Association

Parents and Citizens’ Associations are established for the purpose of supporting a strong government school
system for the benefit of all students to achieve the aims and objectives of the school.

The P&C hold fundraising events including Discos and Fun Runs. These provide funds to buy resources for
educational programmes and to make improvements around the school.

The functions of the P&C are to:
• Develop parent participation and involvement in the school.
• Promote and support communication and co-operation within the school community and to advocate for
the school to the wider community.
• Provide amenities and resources for the benefit of the school students.

All parents are invited to attend Parents & Citizens’ Association’s meetings and take part in any of the activities
organised by this group. Dates for meetings and events are published on the term calendar. All parents are
especially welcome to attend the meetings and volunteer to help in any way.