While we appreciate that, on occasions, there will be a need to administer medication in extreme circumstances, it is preferred that parents administer medication to their children. However when the school is required during the course of the school day to administer medication to a student the parent must complete a Student Medical Request Form available from the office. Any medication must be provided by the parent, clearly marked with the student’s name and dosage. The medication will be kept securely in the office. Non prescription medication is not administered by school staff. 


If a child is unwell parents must keep him or her at home until they are well again. Sending an unwell student to school exposes students and staff to illness and infection unnecessarily. Parents of children who are sick at school will be called to come and pick them up. The school requires a written explanation or medical certificate following an absence. 


Minor injuries or illness during the day are normally attended to at school. In more serious emergencies, every endeavour is made to contact a parent to arrange for the child to be collected from school. In extreme emergencies the child may be taken directly to a doctor or hospital or an ambulance requested. 

School Nurse

A School Nurse visits the school twice per term. Parents of Students with conditions requiring medical attention will be notified by the nurse so that appropriate action can be taken. Parents wishing to raise concerns with the school nurse should make an appointment through the school office. 

Dental Therapy

The dental staff at the Pinjarra Primary School Clinic examine all children on a rostered basis and treat most dental problems as they find them or as they arise. Children requiring more complex treatment may be referred to other agencies. The Dental Therapy Centre at Pinjarra Primary School can be contacted on 9531 1846.