Our school canteen operates under the direction of the P & C Association.  In 2021, we were unable to keep the canteen open due to lack of volunteers.  Despite this we are still abe to operate the canteen for special events and ‘theme’ days. Food sold through the canteen complies with the state government requirements. Only food from the Star Choice Program will be provided by the canteen unless there is a special occasion.

Parent volunteers are always in demand by the canteen and anyone who can assist in this area is urged to contact the school office.

Nude Food

Parents are requested to support the school’s Healthy Living Program by providing children with healthy food items for lunch and snacks. Each Tuesday is Nude Food day, where the food is provided in a way that doesn’t involve rubbish.

Water Bottles

Children need a good water bottle. We encourage them to drink water throughout the day. They take their water bottles into class and out to recess and lunch. 

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club provides a nourishing breakfast to the students, but it’s purpose is also to offer opportunities for positive social interaction. It is a good incentive to get to school early, as well as build more positive memories. It runs from 8:10 am to 8.30am every Wednesday and Thursday morning in the undercover area. It is run by volunteers so if you are able to help please contact the office.